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this is a food/recipe blog

i really need people to follow so

if you blog about food, like food, enjoy finding recipes, etc, reblog or like and i will follow you bc i have jack going on right now.

i would like to have this blog to look at and have recipes somewhere so i can refer to them later and make stuff. and i will post the things i make.

wow i made a food blog because i really like to cook

please follow it so i can be a functioning member of society

and ill follow you because chances are you like food


+10 years probably 


+10 years probably 


U2 used the cloud and put their music on iphones

i have a bunch of U2 music on my phone and i dont know what to do with it


I was tagged by thurfbortt

Name/Gender: caitie/female

Nickname: its caitie. my name is caitlin i guess

Age: 21

Food: tomatoes

Drink: iced tea, tea, sprite

Book: i just like books in general

Film: not a big movie person

Band: panic! at the disco

Place: i like places that are cold

Celebrity: a lot of voice actors/resses

✿ LIFE ✿
Best friend: brin, jill, monica, ceci, and more

Hometown: Tarpon Springs, FL

Siblings: older brother and sister

Dream Job: animator

Fears: not having enough money to live, lots of insects, a lot

Tattoos: none

Piercings: ears

Languages: English

Reason behind my URL: i like the noise it makes and i like tunes

First URL: kernbot

I tag: swimmerboys, bunnerly, miyomo

life fucking blows chunks


ugly bioshock children masterpost



Paint Bucket Resources: Tutorial: plastic keychains


I know a ton of you have been waiting for this one. Teaching you to make your own plastic keychains!

To start off, I think the biggest question everyone has is what I use to make them. I work with shrink film. You might be familiar with Shinky Dink brand shrink film as a kid. I use Grafix brand white inkjet shrink film. The inkjet kind is relatively pricey compared to the regular kind. If you’re using regular, I don’t recommend you stick it in your printer. Sharpie markers would be good for that.


Alright, now open up the file with the images that you’re working with. Make sure your images are a lot bigger than you want your finished product to be since they shrink significantly.


You’ll also want to lighten the opacity to about half. I go somewhere between 50-60%.


Now print your image out! I’ve found that it works best for me when I have it at the plain paper setting, and standard print quality.


Holepunch with a 1/4” holepuncher BEFORE you shrink them. It’s so much more work to have to punch holes when your plastic is thick!


Cut out your design, leaving the amount of border you want.



Set them on a tray for convenience. An aluminum foil sheet works too, but I recommend cookie trays because they are easier and quicker to get out of the oven.


Preset heat. Your shrink film package will tell you what temperature to set it at, but I find that it isn’t always accurate for me. I generally set temperature to 350 degrees or so.


Put them in the oven. Remember to keep track of time! I leave them in for about a minute and a half.


After time is up they should be super small! Magic!


If your charms are not flat, put something heavy on it right out of the oven when they are still hot and malleable.



If you’d like to, you can seal them now. In my last two batches, I used clear topcoat nail polish. The problem with that is that I need between 3-5 coats of it, and it takes a while to dry. I’ve been experimenting with modpodge.


For lariats, you can use jump rings or lobster clasps.


Here is one that I made that wasn’t sealed. The finished texture after shrinking is a little bit rough. There’s nothing wrong with leaving them unsealed, but because they are inkjet printed, the colors wash right of without protection.


This is one that was sealed with modpodge. The colors become a little more vibrant and smooth and water resistant. Things often get stuck on when applying or drying so be careful.


These ones down here were sealed with clear nail polish. They come out shiny if you put enough coats, but the grainy texture will still be there.


Well, there ya go! Have fun making your own keychains!